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Red, Solo Exhibition

The Art of Richard MacDonald presents the first solo exhibition of a profound new direction in Richard MacDonald’s work. Considered one of America’s greatest figurative sculptors, Richard MacDonald (1946- ) focused intently on the minerals and pigments of his patinas in 2014 and 2015. The results are seen in Richard MacDonald: red, which displays the artist’s creative immersion into the hue, the emotion and the narrative of color.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the ‘red’ collection by Richard MacDonald will benefit (RED), the global charity founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver to get businesses and people involved in the fight against AIDS. Learn more at

Richard MacDonald: red

Solo Exhibition

January 7 – February 2016 

The Shops at Crystals – Gallery Row

For further information, please contact The Art of Richard MacDonald, +1 702.730.3990,

Visit The Art of Richard MacDonald at The Shops at Crystals Gallery Row.




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Decoding Fashion

Gone are the days of simply showing spring and fall collections, now fashion houses are on a never ending cycle of shows, new collections and a dizzying array of seasons not represented on the actual calendar. With Pre-fall 2016 in full swing, we’ve put together a primer so you know exactly what season you’re in and when you can actually get your hands on all these new designs.

 The Basics

Autumn/Winter – The first of the big two for fashion seasons. A/W shows are held in February and March, and the merchandise arrives in stores beginning in July.

Spring/Summer – The lighter of the big two, S/S presentations are in September and the items are in stores January through June.

Post Grad

Resort/Cruise – Originally the domain of the jet set crowd, the Resort, or Cruise, collection is a bright light in the dead of winter. The airy, warm weather offerings helped supply the select crowd who took off to warm weather destinations during the cold months. It has now become a staple for designers eager to bring fresh product into their boutiques for the lag between fall and spring. Look out for these styles to hit the stores between December and January. Just in time for vacation.

Pre-Fall – The newer of the in-between seasons, Pre-fall is shows in December and arrives in stores in May. It gives houses the ability to have fresh stock in their stores during the interim of Spring being pushed out (read: sale) and Fall clothing still being produced. Pre-fall has also become a chance for larger fashion brands to showcase their wares in grand displays staged at outside-the-box locations such as Tokyo for Christian Dior.

Extra Credit

Haute Couture – Not as much a season as a spectacle, Haute Couture shows in January and July, and never really arrives in stores as it is nearly exclusively custom order only. These wares are for the select few customers who can truly indulge in a one-of-a-kind piece of fashion history. These shows are traditionally in Paris, but designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, who whisked customers to Portofino, and Valentino, who showed in Rome, have started to take them to new and exciting locations.

What's Hot / Women's

In an unprecedented move Pantone announced there would be not one, but two colors of the year for 2016. According to the company, the colors - Rose Quartz, a soft pink, and Serenity, an airy blue - are a challenge to traditional gender roles that have been blurred this year. Not surprisingly, designers were ahead of the curve for Spring 2016 sending light color palettes and gauzy garments down their runways. Here are a few ways to wear the colors of 2016 come spring.

From Left: Christian Dior, Gucci, Emilio Pucci

From Left: Christian Dior, Gucci, Emilio Pucci

What's Hot

The world's finest French crystal finally met the world's best tequila when LALIQUE teamed up with Patron to produce Patrón en Lalique: Serie 1. The bottle features a special blend crafted by Patron master distiller Francisco Alcaraz served in a hand-crafted crystals decanter. Tequila connoisseurs will want to act fast as the speciality package is limited to 500 decanters and will set you back $7,500. See the decanter on display at LALIQUE located on the second level of The Shops at Crystals.

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Harry Styles' Daring Suiting

While the women in music are no strangers to pushing fashion boundaries, it’s Harry Styles that had everyone talking at the American Music Awards red carpet in Los Angeles Sunday. The One Direction band member has a taste for high-fashion, and when he’s on the red carpet sets himself apart with outside-the-box sartorial choices. Case in point, the Gucci spring summer 2016 suit he donned for the AMAs. The cotton crepe herbarium printed suit set the boybander apart in a sea of dark colors, and offered further proof he’s a style star to be reckoned with. 


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