Harry Winston's Rich and Brilliant History

Harry Winston

They say diamonds are a girls best friend and no one understands that more than Harry Winston. When you step into their boutique in Crystals at CityCenter, you might feel like you are stepping into a diamond encrusted wonderland. One-of-a-kind pieces are found throughout the boutique and the high jewelry line is sure to leave you breathless. Harry Winston's history is a rich (pun intended) history filled with artisanal craftsmanship and mother nature's finest jewels. Creating brilliant jewels from the precious stones, as nature supplies them, is an extraordinary art unto itself. Modern jewelers, as with their predecessors, must possess not only a sound knowledge of the finest materials, but the creative curiosity and technical virtuosity to awaken in each gem an unimagined brilliance. Since 1932, the enlightening charm of Harry Winston's art has been the pulsating beat behind of each and every creation. Together with his designers and master craftsmen, their founder, Mr. Winston, changed the way that fine jewelry could be worn by pioneering gem setting techniques that gave diamonds dimension and allowed stones to sparkle from every angle. Envisioning jewels as the ultimate accompaniment to a woman's beauty, Mr. Winston once famously stated, "If I could, I would attach the diamonds directly onto a woman's skin." And as if the gemstones were woven right onto the wearer, his jewels achieved an unimagined movement and grace, caressing the skin like the most decadent array of faceted fabrics. Through its latest collection of incredible jewels, the House of Harry Winston arrives one step closer to achieving Mr. Winston's ultimate dream to one day dress a woman purely in in diamonds, while exploring the art behind our most timehonored traditions of craftsmanship and design. Entitled Ultimate Adornments by Harry Winston, this incredible array of spectacular designs envisions the international art of dressing a woman in the unique style that only Harry Winston can. In creating this exceptional collection, the Harry Winston Design Team returned to the archives for inspiration, including the works Ambaji V. Shinde, Mr. Winston's chief jewelry designer for more than 40 years (1962-2001). One of Mr. Shinde's greatest contributions to the house was his ability to examine the world around him, and translate it into extraordinary jewels. Infusing his own Indian heritage into his designs, Mr. Shinde's unique international perspective continues to define Winston style today, and serves as the creative catalyst behind this impressive collection. Hand crafted entirely in diamonds and platinum, the 40-piece collection is presented through seven distinctly different themes, each recalling unique adornments from around the world.

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The designer names at this shopping mecca may be familiar, but fashionistas seeking something unique can find it here. - Elite Traveler