On Friday, October 21 , we were able to hear a part of American history first hand as Brigadier General Charlie Duke, General Thomas Stafford and Captain Gene Cernan participated in a  public forum and panel discussion moderated by former CNN correspondent and journalist Miles O'Brien. NASA Public Affairs officer and founder of U.S. Space Camp, Ed Buckbee was also on hand to provide additional commentary as he worked directly with astronauts from the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo missions. The men discussed their time in space, the OMEGA Speedmaster watch (the only watch to ever go to the moon) and countless other tales of their space adventures. 

OMEGA and Tourbillon used this unique opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of these great American heroes while showcasing a lunar rover, an Apollo 10 space suit and Mars rover along with Speedmaster timepieces. One hundred students from Rancho High School and Bridger Middle School were lucky enough to come to Crystals to hear the modern day American heroes speak and the look on their faces in the pictures speak for themselves.  To say these men were captivating would be an understatement.

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