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A couple’s commitment is sealed from the very moment an engagement ring is slipped onto a woman’s finger.  In that instant, they are connected by a profound new bond, and share with the world a powerful expression of their love. Only an extraordinary ring is worthy of such a moment, and only Tiffany—maker of the most beautiful rings on earth—can create a ring with such a rich heritage.

Tiffany introduced the engagement ring as we know it today. The Tiffany® Setting debuted in 1886. Its six-prong design elevated the round brilliant diamond to disperse light with unprecedented brilliance. It quickly became, and continues to be, the world’s preeminent engagement ring. With a history of creating important jewels for more than 175 years, Tiffany artisans are uncompromising in their devotion to the jeweler’s art. Their rigorous standards honor the house’s legacy, as well as the couples who entrust Tiffany to produce an emblem of enduring love.

When a couple first chooses an engagement ring, it is just the beginning of the journey of a lifetime. With that journey in mind, Tiffany crafts rings that become part of a personal heritage that lasts for generations. Like the profound emotions it represents, a Tiffany engagement ring will never fade with the passage of time. It is unaffected by the shifting tides of trend and fashion, and remains an unfailing symbol of their future together. It is a promise supported by the lifetime guarantee that accompanies every Tiffany Diamond Certificate.

Tiffany diamonds are icons of unsurpassed beauty and enduring fascination. The house stresses standards that begin—but don’t end—with the 4Cs, four factors typically used to assess a stone. The laboratory’s master diamond graders give individual grades for cut, color, clarity, carat weight and presence. In the process, other diamond reports are frequently overruled. The jeweler accepts only .02 percent of gem-quality stones, which are graded at the Tiffany Gemological Laboratory, one of few such facilities operated by jewelry retailers.

Wedding bands complete the circle, uniting a couple at the ultimate celebration of their romance. Tiffany wedding bands complement engagement rings and yet stand alone as elegant pieces in their own right. Tiffany rings are at the heart of the world’s greatest love stories. When combined, legendary craftsmanship and genuine emotion create a special alchemy that makes the Tiffany ring more beautiful and more desired than any other. 

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