A New Era of Technology
In 1985 Ermenegildo Zegna created a revolution in menswear with the launch of High Performance, a new way of wearing wool that fundamentally changed the way in which the business suit was perceived and worn by cosmopolitan gentlemen all over the world who wanted an all natural solution to the challenges of life on the go. High Performance wool used a high twist superfine pure Australian merino wool yarn that both enhanced crease resistance and delivered quite remarkable levels of ‘spring-back’. The combination of the innovative weaving methods and the high twist yarn created a fabric of almost cellular construction enabling unprecedented breathability that, together with its weight of only 250 grams, enabled men to wear wool all year round and in all climates, not just in autumn and winter. Today, Ermenegildo Zegna has taken the High Performance concept that it pioneered with fabrics and applied it to the wristwatch. The result is the new range of High Performance timepieces. Purposeful in their styling and as robust and resilient as their namesake fabric, these high-precision timepieces embody the signature sophistication synonymous with the Zegna name. Zegna’s High Performance Collection is manufactured by Swiss watchmaker Sowind Manufacture, owner of the brand Girard Perregaux, and delivers the precision and reliability for which the master haute horlogerie is renowned. The collection consists of two distinct styles, High Performance Chronograph in black ceramic - available with a black or a white dial - and High Performance Sea Diver in stainless steel. The dual high performance timepieces make use of the latest breakthroughs and newest materials in watch making. They are inspired by sports-driven technologies such as the ceramic components used within top-class automobiles and they lend sophisticated precision to everyday elegance. High Performance Chronograph Crafted from black ceramic and equipped with ergonomic rubber coated push pieces and winding crown, the High Performance Chronograph benefits from a 42 mm case diameter, with at-a-glance legibility of the dial and subdials further enhanced by the use of high contrast Arabic and baton hour markers. Every detail in the design has been carefully considered from the tachometric scale etched directly into the ceramic bezel, to the matching color of the hands and numerals, to the brushed steel folding buckle on the robust rubber strap. Additional flexibility and versatility is offered with two additional ‘tropical’ colors, military inspired fabric straps, ideal for warm weather wear in black and colored versions. The High Performance Chrono is available in different color combinations that enhance legibility and enable a greater scope for personal expression. In addition to the black dial version, there is a choice of yellow, green and orange for hands, numbers and the bezel. High Performance Sea Diver The High Performance Sea Diver is a rugged, steel-cased, diving watch, the unidirectional bezel fitted with a boldly detailed blackened aluminum insert; the combination of sword minute hand and snakehead hour hand is as visible as it is stylish. Connoisseurs will particularly appreciate the heritage note of the ‘double red’ printing of the words ‘High Performance’ above the watch's maximum operating depth of 1000 feet or 300 meters.

Today in Las Vegas the temperature finally dropped from 80 degrees to the ever-so-chilly 60 degrees.  We started thinking that pretty soon it will be coat weather, but for now we wouldn't mind throwing a beautiful scarf around our neck to stay warm. These luxury scarves will help you stay warm in the chilly months.

Women's Boots

There are many wonderful things about fall; leaves changing, holidays, crisp air, the return of everyone's favorite latte, but what we at Crystals at CityCenter love most about fall is our boutiques filling up with beautiful Fall/Winter 2012 pieces including this season's must have boots.  Here are some boots for you to pine over and add to your holiday wish lists.

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of meeting Nick Verreos.  You may remember him from a little show called “Project Runway.”  Verreos was on season two of the hit show and hasn’t slowed down since.  Last week Verreos hosted a private shopping experience with Barrett Jackson's VIP clients.  Before the shopping event, we sat down with the designer and talked about upcoming projects, Crystals at CityCenter, fall trends and of course, this season of “Project Runway.”

1.  Tell us about your latest project,...

For the last three years I’ve been working on my line called NV by Nick Verreos.  I’ve been working with people who will bring it to the mass market and department stores by summer 2013.  It will be women’s.  I have been fortunate enough to dress stars like Katy Perry and Beyoncé, and people want those dresses.  I was able to connect with the right people to bring those dresses to the everyday woman.  Pieces will retail from $118 – 168.  I would describe it for the girl who wants to upgrade from H&M. They’re not disposable pieces, but definitely fashionable and chic.

2.  The Emmy’s are on Sunday, any predictions?

I'll be doing a wrap up for NBC on Monday for TVGuide channel with Tabitha Coffee, Ali Landry and special guests from Bravo’s Real Housewives.  We’ll be giving our yays and nays for the night!  Ali (Landry) is actually wearing one of my dresses.

3.  Anything that you don’t like about red carpet coverage?

 style="margin-left: 80px;">Seacrest did not ask who men were wearing!  Ninety nine percent of what these celebs wear is loaned and they need to say it.  And because everyone watches these shows and gets on social media to talk about it, it so important to say who they are wearing.

4.  When was the last time you were in Vegas?

Seven years ago go for the Miss USA pageant. Yes, I’m a pageant queen!  I designed gowns for Miss USA and Miss Universe, so I came to support the ladies.  I travel so much, so I don’t get to come as often as I would like, especially being so close living in L.A.  I’ll actually be back soon for a hair wars spectacular.  I’ll be corresponding for the YouTube channel LookTV.

5.  What was your first impression of Crystals at CityCenter?

WOW. I want to get my wallet out right now.  It’s like the Champs-Elysées, Madison Avenue and Rodeo Drive all rolled into one!  Honestly, gorgeous.  Every single high-end store is here, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Tom Ford.  It’s so sophisticated and I love that Las Vegas is upping its sophistication level.

6.  Who are some of your favorite designers here at Crystals?

Pucci, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton. I absolutely love what Marc (Jacobs) is doing while at Lois Vuitton. I actually just bought a Dolce & Gabbana suit, possibly for the Oscar’s next year. I love walking into these stores and literally seeing everything in person that you see in Vogue or any magazine or the runway.

7.  What trend can any woman wear for Fall?

Women can wear big statement necklaces.  And the great thing is they come at any price point.  A lot of designers are actually building them into the look. 

Another great one is the peplum dress.  It cinches the waist and creates that hour glass figure that every woman wants.  Peplum’s can honestly make magic happen.  Panel color-blocking.  Stella (McCartney) does this fabulously.  Everyone doing this takes off 15 pounds. 

And a lot of people don’t believe this, but skinny jeans for all sizes.  I’ve styled some big and fab ladies and if you pair them with the right top, you’ll get it right.  And fall is about color, too.  Don’t just get black, think royal blue or a dark plum, trust me. 

And lastly, the bootie pump.  But be careful shorter women, you need to wear these with a legging or skinny jean or it will cut off your leg and shorten you.  Also, look for it with an open toe, having a bit of skin show will not cut you off.  I love it because it satisfies the bootie and the pump!

8.  Are you watching this season of “Project Runway? Who is your favorite? Who do you think will win?

Yes, I just came back from the season finale.  So I have insider information!  No seriously, my favorite to win is Christopher.  This last episode where he created the Rockettes costume based on the New York skyline, honestly, best design all season and he won that challenge.  I also like Fabio and Dmitry.  For a girl I would pick Melissa.  I would have said Ven, then he mistreated a client and had some plus-sized issues; his stock definitely went down in my book.

9.  After 10 seasons, what impact do you think Runway has made in the fashion industry?

First of all, I feel like a grandpa!  I was season two!  But it still is the granddaddy of all fashion shows.  After its success, so many others came.  I will say I don’t think there’s a huge impact in the industry, but it did educate the public on what we do.  I get stopped by moms, police officers, architects and they say, “I didn’t know you makes dresses the way we design buildings.” 

It’s funny, I was having dinner with Tim (Gunn) and we were stopped by like, four or five men who said their wives loved the show.  Then they started naming exact episodes and saying “I loved your Barbie design” and Tim and I were thinking “Ok, your wives love the show or you do?”  Fashion is a difficult world to get into, so it is an amazing show because I would have never guessed that seven years later I would be recognized on the street.

10.  What advice would you give to aspiring designers?

You don’t have to be rich to win.  You are the PR, marketing and the face of your product.  Ninety eight percent of it is showing up and that goes for everything in life. You really need to publicize yourself, when I was at FIDM, I would make my sister wear my clothes when we would go out. Start a blog, a visual resume; it’s so much easier to be out there now with social media.  Draw, draw, draw.  Be inspired, keep a diary.  Look at National Geographic, Home Décor, not just fashion magazines; you can get inspiration from anywhere.  And keep at it.  All those people that see Nicole Richie or Jessica Simpson make it and not to downgrade them, because they’re great, but that’s not usually how it works.  Work hard, go to fashion weeks, be where the fashion is.

You can learn more about Nick Verreos’ upcoming projects through his website

This year marked the 2nd annual Fashion's Night Out event for Crystals and we definitely made it a party to remember.  The night featured numerous retailers in a Patricia Field fashion presenation, an exhibit from the new Cirque du Soleil show Zarkana, a Vdara mini-spa for FNO guests to get pampered in between shopping, Nevada Ballet flash mob performances, a Dream Racing "Man Cave," a smartwater hydration lounge and over 20 of our boutiques hosting in-store events.  Scroll through the gallery below to see all the fun throughout the evening.  Anyone ready for next year already?