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Bally - Assistant Store Manager

Job Title: 
Assistant Store Manager
Job Description: 

1. Network and client management
- To develop a loyal clientele according to the sales and brand strategy (client-telling)
- Development of Bally customer satisfaction and representation of the brand internal and external.

2. Determination of the “successful store” objectives
- Accountable for sales goal.
- Monitor objectives and sales targets according to budget/forecasts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
- Optimizing the store contribution.
- Monitoring all expenses and costs within the store in order to achieve positive store contribution and be in line with the set budget objective
- Pushing ongoing growth of the store’s turnover
- Support Store Manager in managing store operations: Replenishment, regular and year-end inventories, visual merchandising, till checks, etc.
- Health, safety and security regulations: Ongoing control of store security, compliance with procedures.

3. Leadership and Management
- Taking ongoing actions around motivation of Sales Consultants according to the sales and brand strategy and acting as their mentor
- Training and development of the Sales Consultants in order to achieve best business results
- Guarantee an optimum relay of information within the store and an excellent and transparent ascending and descending communication flow.

Job Requirements: 

1. Experience
- 2-3 years of Management
- 1-2 years of sales experience
- Preferably another luxury brand working experience
- Previous internal sales consultant role
- Fashion market experience
- Basic IT knowledge

2. Skills
- Charismatic, dynamic, and takes initiative
- Advanced communication skills
- Fluent in English
- Detail oriented
- Sales & administration versatility

Mani Beimborn